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6 Business Startup Ideas for 2019

Business Ideas by Seven Sands

Will 2019 be the first year you finally create a profitable online business?

When it comes to starting a new business, the first thing you need is a business idea.

To help get you started, I’m going to share 6 online startup business ideas.

1. Social Media Management

Social Media is being used extensively by businesses owners these days. But, not a lot of business owners have the time or skills to use these platforms to their full potential.

Business owners know that this is one of the most important aspects of marketing and by mastering this area, you can add tons of value to local businesses. Most businesses are willing to spend money on the management of their social networks, if you can help boost leads and sales through this medium your client list will grow over time.

2. An Online Store

One of the best ways to earn income online is through an online store. It’s not the easiest, and requires a lot of work but if you find a unique niche and execute the right marketing techniques you can make your online store a profitable success.

3. Digital Courses/Online Coaching

If you have any skills that you think people might be interested in turn your knowledge into a online course or coaching sessions.

You can sell your expertise as video content on youtube or creating your own website and charge your students for a course or Skype sessions.

4. Virtual Assistant

If you are a very organised person and have additional photo editing/bookkeeping/computer skills becoming a virtual assistant is something you could consider. Often business owners are swamped with small annoying tasks like managing finances, social media, content creation, scheduling etc. Most would be happy to offload these tasks.

5. Online Personal Trainer

You may have noticed the up and coming trend of fitness trainers on Instagram. Obviously, once you acquire the right qualifications I feel there is a lot of potential to make quite a bit of money by offering online personal training and selling fitness and eating plans online.

6. Food Box/Catering

This is another up and coming trend. Again, you will need to acquire the right certificates etc. but if you see an opening in your town/city selling weekly food boxes would be a very profitable venture. There are so many busy mothers and business people that simply don’t have time to prepare their own meals you could take the weight off their hands.

I hope these 6 ideas inspired you to start looking into starting your own venture, want to chat more about starting your own business? I’m here to help. Please contact me on claire@sevensands.com.au or give me a call 🙂

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